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Galvanized wire manufacturer

FOB Price:US $450 - 650 / Ton

Min.Order Quantity:10 Ton/Ton

Certificate:ISO 9001:2002


Payment Terms:TT 30% , LC AT SIGHT

Brand Name:JINNUO


Product Description:
Galvanized wire is made from High quality low carbon wire Q195, through wire drawing, wire galvanizing and other processes. Based on the zinc coating is different, it can been divied into Electro galvanized wire and Hot dip Galvanized wire

with super corrosion resistance, firmed and well-proportioned Zinc Coating, slippery surface, good quality, shinning brightness, well-distributed zinc coating

Production Process:

Steel rod coil — Wire Drawing — Wire Annealing–Rust Removing– Acid Washing– Boiling– Drying– Zinc   Feeding– Wire Coiling.


It is widely used as binding wire on construction, and also used to weavy all kinds of wire mesh, and making other art products.

Mainly Specification:

8 4.2mm 4.0mm
10 3.4mm 3.2mm
12 2.76mm 2.65mm
14 2.1mm 2.0mm
16 1.65mm 1.62mm
18 1.25mm 1.22mm
20 0.91mm 0.9mm
21 0.81mm 0.81mm
22 0.71mm 0.71mm
23 0.63mm 0.61mm
24 0.56mm 0.56mm
25 0.5mm 0.5mm


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