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Gabion Mesh manufacturer

FOB Price:US $6.95 - 20.64/ Set

Min.Order Quantity:100 Sets/Sets

Certificate:ISO 9001:2002


Payment Terms:TT 30% , LC AT SIGHT

Brand Name:JINNUO


Product Description:

Gabion Mesh is also be called heavy type hexagonal wire mesh, twisting weave wire mesh, gabion mesh, triangle machine weave mesh, or double twisted wire mesh, is metal wire weaved hexagonal mesh container, whose wire diameter is based on hexagonal wire mesh hole size. if it is metal coated hexagonal wire mesh, wire diameter is 2.0mm-4.0mm, if it is PVC coated gexagonal wire mesh, wire diameter is 3.0mm-4.5mm PVC coated metal wire, its outer frame border wire is one gauge bigger than hexagonal wire.

 1.Material:Electro Galvanized Wire, Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire, Black Iron Wire,          PVC Coated Wire, Galfan coated wire,Stainless Steel Wire etc;

2.The hole sizes:60x80mm,80x100mm,100x120mm etc

3.Popular specifications:2.7mmx8x10cmx1x1x4,   2.4mmx6x8cmx1x1x2m etc

4.Weaving Types:Normal Twist, Reverse Twist, Bidirectional Twists

5.Gabion surface treatment:hot-dipped galvanized, Zinc-Al alloy or PVC coated, etc;

6.Application:in the form of mesh container, stone cage, isolation wall, boiler cover or poultry fence in construction, chemical, breeding, garden and food processing industries..


Hexagonal  Gabion Cage specifications:

Mesh (mm) Wire Diameter PVC coated Diameter
60×80 2.0-2.8mm 2.0/3.0~2.5/3.5mm
80×100 2.0-3.2mm 2.0/3.0~2.8/3.8mm
100×120 2.0-3.4mm 2.0/3.0~2.8/3.8mm
100×150 2.0-3.4mm 2.0/3.0~2.8/3.8mm
120×150 2.0-4.0mm 2.0/3.0~3.0/4.0mm


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